Is this a dream? Is this a miracle? No, it's Namie Amuro finally showing some effort put into a music video. Sure it's your usual dance dance sit and smile sit and smile kind of music video, but hey - there are white kids gasping at her at the beginning. For Namie's standards that's a shit ton of effort right there.

This release was clearly originally for the Christmas season to be honest. Nonetheless, OH SHIT BABY, this song is hot as fuck. I'll gladly welcome PLAY-era Namie back anytime of the day. Namie has been so on-point, I've been stanning the shit out of her. Even this and Damage's music videos are better than all of ayumi hamasaki's music videos on Party Queen and LOVE again combined. As ayumi hotmessaki's J-Pop Queen throne has been usurped, she can continue staying as a peasant.

LITTLE LITTLE ~*ooo ooo ooo*~