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Hey whaddup sexies!

J-Pop nowadays is getting a bit stale, and I'm not even pinning hopes on ayumi hamasaki claiming that she's going to bring a "new sound" once she steps into the studio. So to tide over my lack of J-Pop goodness, I've decided to buy a shitload of stuff from the 90s / early 2000s just to reminisce good shit.

Voila! All secondhand of course. I'm a cheap bitch. And I threw in Beyoncé there for the lulz. I didn't know that came in a digipak.

I was a tad disappointed because I thought I was gonna get another cover for SWEET 19 BLUES... alas, I got the exact same cover as the one that I already have. Surprisingly the colours in this one are richer than the one I already own. Probably a more recent pressing, which makes me even sadder.

I've always wanted to get ELT's Many Pieces too, but held back until today. I don't even know why, I don't think the album is even that good.

Most of the CDs came in surprisingly good condition though, even for the DREAMS COME TRUE albums, which are from the Jurassic era. I was half-expecting everything to come badly scratched up and shattered to pieces like it occasionally happens when I buy shit from eBay. Things can get really nasty over there.

And I didn't think I'd ever get hold on promo CDs! Usually they cost like a shitload of money, at least for Western music, but I got them for a reaaaally low price, so now it makes me feel all exclusive and shit.

While I mentally prepare myself for an upcoming hell week (I have 5 submissions due in the same week, good god) you guys can get ready for Namie's upcoming album to slay all your faves.


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