I love fish and I love getting action, but god knows what took me so long to know about sakanaction. Lately I've been really into alternative rock / electronic music and was always curious whether or not there were Japanese equivalents of bands belonging to that genre. After scouring through a few blogs about indie music I chanced upon this music video and was extremely impressed that this group has managed to find a balance between both genres AND actually has a decent-sounding male vocalist.

I don't know about you but their music is so good?!?! I downloaded their entire discography because that's just how quickly I become disturbingly obsessed with stuff.

They also have the weirdest mix of members. They're all different and distinct which makes me like them more because they keep things real and not try to be like ~*one identity*~ and shit like that. This band is clearly all about the music.

I'm most intrigued with their keyboardist, Emi Okazai because she always looks like she's done with life and/or just can't be bothered to really give two fucks about anything. Which leads me to think she downs alcohol on a pretty regular basis:

I like that attitude.

Their music videos are pretty cool as well and here are some of the music videos to my favourite songs from them:

This one's from their latest single - there's a lot of booty in this, so you've been warned!

Do share with me any other bands with a similar sound as them! I'd really appreciate that. Many J-Indie blogs recommended bands that lie more on the pop-punk side and I'm not really into that kind of music, and the vocalists sound terrible to me.