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[Music Video] VERBAL - BLACK OUT feat. Namie Amuro & Lil' Wayne

Talk about an oopsie whoopsie! VERBAL probably feels like shit now, because apparently the video that was never supposed to see the light of day (har har har) is now out in its full glory, and in fact, has already been since last year. I guess this late discovery makes sense because the video totally looks cheap and fanmade. Despite that, I still like it. At least it has its own unique points although they clearly had a small budget given that they had to cut short Lil Wayne's part obviously so that they can create lesser animations, duh. I can't help but laugh at the birdcage on VERBAL's head though. Sorry, I just can't.

Trivia time! VERBAL did not intend to release this video because it reminded him of the dark times (har har har) from last year when the March 2011 earthquakes happened as it was planned to be released during that time as well. However, it's probably because he didn't like the edited outcome and doesn't want to embarrass himself.

UPDATE: The video has been changed to Private apparently but you can still view it via her unofficial Facebook page here


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