So I watched the music video for Koda Cum-i's Dance in the Rain and... oh wait... is that who I think it is...?

"I wanna das wanna das das in the rain!"

"Oh yas it's me bitchez"

"WALK OF MY LIFE #1 on Oricon? Big whoop, I say!"

"And you knows it."

Uh, I stopped trying at this point.

Point of this post:

1. I will be overseas (Thailand waddup) from Monday so I might as well post this up since all my commitments are over (woohoo!)

2. Reviews for Koda Cum-i's WALK OF MY LIFE and ayumi hotmesssaki's A ONE can be expected when I'm back (or anything else released late last year / early this year *by request*, because I'm just so damn free now)

3. I have some other sneaky ass things I might wanna introduce heh heh

p/s. I've been getting a lot of love on my Gmail, Twitter and (How did you guys even find the Sneaky bitches!) so thank you for that! I much appreciatesxszxz it. I might even be slightly aroused :)