I think that day in the early, second week of April was a pretty good day, because I had finally taken a thorough listen to ayumi hotmesssaki's A ONE and was quite impressed.

Of course, unbeknownst to me, it was but one of Namie Slaymuro's sly tactics to drop this bomb on us, completely shading the attention on Ayu. Well-played, Namie. If this is the kind of strategic team you've gotten over at whatever Stella88 place you're at now, you have my FULL SUPPORT.

1. The Covers

CD+Bluray | CD+DVD | CD


Sure, Namie repeats yet another headshot cover as with the past three studio albums. But she still knows ways of making it look novel and classy. Plus, the concept of _genic in the title itself is really smart, especially when you'd think Japanese people don't think hard (straight from the horse's mouth, okay?)

2. The Packaging


Fuck me.

Would've been much more exciting if it were a slipcase for the digipak though. It looks to be a digipak with the holes cut out at the front to show the booklet covers. Sounds good in theory, but not sure how that is going to pan out in reality with the differing booklet dimensions to fit into the digipak slot. Still pretty nonetheless; think I'm going to get the CD+DVD one!

3. The Tracklist

CD Tracklist
  1. Photogenic
  2. Time Has Come
  3. Golden Touch
  4. Birthday
  5. It
  6. Scream
  7. Fashionista
  8. Fly
  9. B Who I Want 2 B (feat. U hum sneak it)
  10. Stranger
  11. Every Woman
  12. Space Invader
  13. Anything
  14. What I Did For Love (David Guetta feat. Namie Amuro) (Special Track)

Bluray / DVD Tracklist
  1. Golden Touch (Music Video)
  2. Birthday (Music Video)
  3. Fashionista (Music Video)
  4. Stranger (Music Video)
  5. Anything (Music Video)


I'm pretty glad none of the previous singles are on it, not only because they were released in 900 B.C., but also because normally when Namie pulls a stunt like this you know she's up to some serious shit. I quite enjoyed BRIGHTER DAY though, but that's just me.

She also does a cover of David Guetta's What I Did For Love, originally sung by Emeli Sande. Interesting. And who the fuck is U hum sneak it?

Namie apparently went through over 200 demos and picked out the songs to be used for this album. I don't know, they're making it sound like she just sat on her ass and pressed the play button on her laptop, but I trust that Namie will give her own artistic input in this instead of making this end up _generic like someone else's album. I'm not naming names.... ... ... Koda Kumi.

And five new PVs? Well, someone's finally getting her ass to work.

4. The TEASE!


When the teaser first premiered on her YouTube channel, I just knew the hype was going to kill me. Namie looks SO. GOOD. And Photogenic sounds SO. GOOD. Everything about this just looks so well thought-out and flawlessly executed. Namie is literally dangling a penis on a stick and going "suck it, suck it," but each time you inch closer, she just takes a step back. (Too explicit?)

The website says that the album will be focused on R&B, high energy dancebeat and new wave, as well as an '80s and '90s revival as witnessed in acts like Azealia Banks (yes praise the lord), Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande (ew) and Pharrell Williams. Honestly, I know shit about what the genres listed above mean, but I am getting pretty excited, and slightly wet.

5. More TEASE!




6. Preview of All Songs


Um, I don't intend on listening to them because that'd be spoiling myself, so you guys can take a listen and let me know how they sound or something like that. From what I can gather, there are only two Japanese songs and the rest are in full English.

7. I think I can confirm that this has already slayed WALK OF MY LIFE and A ONE

And I'm pretty sure the production quality in this one is already going to be way better than Madonna's second crapfest, Rebel Heart, by LEAPS and BOUNDS. That's why she is Namie Slaymuro.

_genic will be released on 10 June 2015.